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While it’s believed the VA makes home loans, this isn’t actually the case. The VA guarantees as much as 25% of the loan and puts some restrictions on what banks can charge for loans, but does not decide who gets a loan or how much they get. Still, the myth persists that a VA loan is made by the VA and it’s just one of many misunderstandings about finances among military members.

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A 2014 survey by the National Federation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) found that military families had 7% more unsecured debt (about 0-to-0 on average); about ,000 less in tangible assets and spent 0 a month more on debt-related expenses than their civilian counterparts.

According to the NFCC, the average military member who contacted a credit counselor had ,000 in debt and 60% of the service members used payday lenders to help make ends meet.

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