Problem updating galaxy s2 firmware

Note: Read this tutorial carefully and do it on you own risk.

Galaxy Rom Website Team are not responsible for any damage caused on your Tab , so be careful when you do anything and make sure that you are doing it with the right way.

However, things do get different when it comes to Android since the entire mobile operating system is compressed and stored in a writable form called NAND flash memory.

With support of Samsung Io T Hub we should soon see a fully featured […] Aaaannd it started :) Today owners of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge bounded to Korean operators like SK Telecom, KT Corporation and LG Uplus got official update to Android Marshmallow 6.0.1.

If you are lucky and own one of this devices: SM-G920S (S6 for SK-Telecom), SM-G925L (S6 Edge for LG Uplus), SM-G920K (S6 for KT […] We would like to wish you all Merry Christmas, new Samsung smartphones , Smart TV’s, Smart Watches, VR gear and all things you dream of under Christmas tree!

We will back on track with fresh and exclusive news in January!

Stay tuned cause 2016 will bring many exciting devices from our beloved company!

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