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Occasionally, it is coloured and used on structures such as the hallways of apartment buildings, but it is not popular for this as it can rub off onto clothing to a small degree.In Britain and Ireland, whitewash was used historically, for both interiors and exteriors, in workers' cottages, and still retains something of this association with rural poverty.How do people deal with sex in a very conservative society?Anthropologists went to Inis Beag in the 1960s to find out.

Breastfeeding was uncommon because of the sexual connotations.

The near-ubiquity of refrigerators in homes in the developed world, as well as improved packaging, has decreased the need for frequent milk delivery over the past half-century and made the trade shrink in many localities sometimes to just three days a week and disappear totally in others.

Additionally, milk delivery incurs a small cost on the price of dairy products that is increasingly difficult to justify and leaves delivered milk in a position where it is vulnerable to theft.

During the audio commentary the director informs us that the psychiatrist's home is an actual Frank Lloyd Wright house in New York.

It looks much like one of his buildings in the Usonia section of Pleasantville, NY. Twice a day, I sit in the third car from the front where I have the perfect view into my favorite house: Number 15, Beckette Road.

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