How to stop powerdvd updating

I have the LG GGC H20L blu ray player and it is not working properly under Windows 7 RC (64 bit). I've tried several players and updated the display drivers and the Power DVD test application claims it should work but no luck.I have not yet found an LG driver that explicitly says it is for Windows 7 yet (32 or 64 bit) so wondering if that's my problem - anyone else having luck with this drive under Windows 7?If you're one of the 2 people who have lost sleep anticipating the Mark II update to Power DVD 10 after our previous post, it's time to relax.Support for 3D Blu-ray playback has officially been added and it's even certified by the Blu-ray Disc Association - a first for software players.The layout of the configuration section has been modified, but the options themselves remain familiar for users of Power DVD. Let's go through the various setup sections: The "User Interface" section no longer has the skin download and customization options, and so now only consists of a software language selection option.While the removal of skin support will technically count as a minus when it comes to this review, but it was never really a major feature anyway.Below is a review for the latest version of Power DVD.Below are the specs for the test system used: Installation and setup was painless.

Coinciding with this release, the company's free BD & 3D Advisor software has also been updated to help users assess what aspects of the Mark II's smorgasbord of video playback / upscaling updates their computer can handle. TW) is pleased to announce Power DVD 10 ULTRA 3D Mark II release to the retail and online market that enables Blu-ray 3D movie playback on desktop, notebook and All-in-One PCs."Cyber Link Power DVD 10 Mark II adds a new dimension to Blu-ray," said Alice H. "Power DVD 10 Mark II presents movies in amazing realism and depth and delivers an incredible experience that the consumers are not just in front of the screen, but virtually in the movies."Power DVD is the first software player to receive Blu-ray 3D certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Options provided include adjustment of 3D depth, swapping first view (left or right eye) and setting up the 3D source format / display type.

Power DVD 12 installs two services which are set to start when the PC boots up.

So if your machine has the hardware and you've been dying for more 3D content -- Blu-ray or otherwise -- consider your wish granted. Optimized with CPU and GPU hardware acceleration, Power DVD delivers two 1080p frames to create a flawless and smooth high definition 3D video effect to the display.

Now Power DVD 10 Mark II comes with Enhanced True Theater 3D for converting existing 2D DVD titles and 2D videos into a 3D movie experience.

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