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Fur Affinity, also known as FA, is the furry fandom's largest online community, focusing on the promotion of art, music and stories.

The site was created in 2005 by Alkora as an alternative to various art community sites such as Sheezy Art and deviant ART, distinguished by allowing artistic freedom of expression regardless of content rating. Fur Affinity was launched on 16 January 2005 as an alternative to Sheezy Art, with the forum going live on that date and the main site being transferred a few days later from Fur Pawz.

While works of all ratings are accepted (other than photographic nudes, images whose intent are to slander or discredit others, and minors in sexual situations), art rated as mature or adult is not shown to visitors, or to users who have not specified it as a preference (which requires giving a date of birth indicating an age over 18).In February 2009, Dragoneer announced FA: United 3 "Games United" for 28-.No event was scheduled for 2009 due to the economic downturn. Fur Affinity's features for users include the ability to allow users to track new updates from particular artists; highlight favorites; and upload a wide variety of art (images, music and stories).My page seems kind of empty, but that's mostly because I'm kind of new here, so I plan on upload all of my other things slowly and when I find the time.^^; Hope you enjoy whatever I put up here, and thanks for dropping by. I'll be just posting up commissions, stories I write, trades and the occasional gift art.

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