Dating very handsome men

, that showed that couples in which the woman is physically more attractive than the man are happier than couples in which the man is physically more attractive than the woman. Why is it better for the couple if the woman is physically more attractive than the man?

Many handsome men attach little respect to their women because they believe if they leave they will lay their hands on another woman immediately.Men place more emphasis on women’s beauty than women place on men looks, and this innate predilection manifests as willingness (and a honed ability) by men to strive harder than women for mating and LTR opportunities with relatively hotter opposite sex prospects.But the most important reason, I believe, is egoism.Men and women love to enjoy the privileges of their greatest strengths. For women, this means that they love the feeling of power that their beauty gives them.A woman who is with a better-looking man has that power robbed from her in subtle and in sometimes transparently humiliating ways; she has to deal with the attentions of female competitors, the attention her lover gives to female competitors, and the unspoken, but not any less felt, degradation of her number one asset.

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