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I found some information on Pyrex Love that I found really helpful, and I just thought I would share it. First, the stamp on the bottom is simpler and has no number on it. I’m getting pickier about the Pyrex pieces I buy just because there are so many out there in poor quality, and they don’t sell for much.

The primary color set of mixing bowls was first produced in the 1940s. I only buy them if they have no chips or cracks (a few scratches are OK), the patterns are in good shape, the patterns are fairly attractive to me, and they don’t show any signs of having been put in the dishwasher.

Then, around the same time I was at a flea market, and someone was selling a complete set for, I think, .

That was a lot of money for me to pay for anything at a flea market, but something about those bowls just sucked me in. They are some of my favorite pieces, and I will never sell them.

Meal prep containers also need to be made from safe materials (no BPA), last a long time, and survive the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher without falling apart.

Here are 10 meal prep containers worth checking out.

A vintage post for your Monday morning: One of the very first items that piqued my interest in collecting and selling vintage items was a Pyrex bowl.

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Of medium depth, roughly hemispherical in shape, and with wide, curved handles, they came in four main sizes, along with a fifth, smaller, individual size.├ A Glossary of Terms ├ Dating Pyrex Kitchenware ├ Pyrex Opal Ware Shapes ├ Pyrex Ware Patterns │├ Pyrex Pattern Browser │└ Pyrex Pattern Timeline │ ├ Standard Patterns │ └ Non-Standard Patterns ├ Pyrex Model Numbers ├ About Pyrex Item Numbers ├ About Pyrex Colors ├ Pyrex Solid Colors ID Chart ├ Pyrex Promo Accessories ID ├ Vintage Pyrex Advertising ├ Pyrex Catalogs & Brochures ├ Patent Database ├ Videos & Links └ Accessories/Books/Apparel Round Mixing Bowls (401, 402, 403, 404) Introduced in 1945 as a set of four, nestable sizes: 1-1/2 pt. The larger two, a 1-1/2 quart and a 2-1/2 quart were intended as casseroles if supplied with lids; as hostess bowls if without. Normally made in either red or yellow, but a turquoise 7 oz. with a bracket were sold as a Cinderella Snack & Dip set several years after this shape had been discontinued. Round Casseroles (022, 023, 024, 026, 080, 664) These casserole bowls were first seen in 1950. Hostess Casseroles/Bowls (015, 025, 407, 410) This shape, a squarish dish with curved walls and slightly bowed out top edges was produced in four sizes, beginning in 1949. The lids, made in painted opal glass and only for the two larger sizes, have handles; all of the bowls do not.The wide-mouth pint jars are also perfect for Mason Jar salads, or meals you want to eat right out of the jar.Ball also makes lids for smoothies or beverages, so you can drink right out of the jar. Glass Mason Jars, Durable, practical, and versatile, these airtight containers are perfect for packing lunches for work or for after the gym.

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