Dating a thai woman etiquette

It's not necessary to return the greeting; a simple smile of acknowledgment is all that's necessary.

In situations where a wai is appropriate, such as when meeting a person of obvious status, a friend's mother or father, or a monk, don't fret about the position of your hands.

Not only you don’t see couples holding hands, but also you don’t see Thai men hitting on any women in clubs, bars, nor on the street. Only a couple of times I had to attend the ceremony.

While the Bangkok Mass Transit System (the BTS skytrain) is convenient, you might need to catch a bus or motorcycle taxi to complete your commute.Fashion norms both inside and outside the office can vary throughout Thailand, with important differences between the smaller towns and the cities (the latter is less conservative, but modesty remains a general rule).In an academic or more traditional setting like a school or bank, skirts and covered shoulders are a must.It is tradition that a woman brings at least one chaperone but as the relationship progresses you may find yourself going out with her and 2-3 of her friends on a regular basis. There is nothing that women from Thailand like more than dining out.Although true, there are several cool places to visit in the country that she probably has not even seen so do your research and pick a fun and exciting location.

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