Dating a libertarian

The term "left-libertanism" has at least three meanings.

In its oldest sense, it is a synonym either for anarchism in general or social anarchism in particular.

Civil libertarians believe that the government should not pass laws that restrict, oppress, or selectively fail to protect people in their day-to-day lives.

Their position can best be summed up by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' statement that "a man's right to swing his fist ends where my nose begins." In the United States, the American Civil Liberties Union represents the interests of civil libertarians.

A libertarian-minded Denver man has set up his own personal dating website in hopes of attracting a libertarian, capitalist, supermodel girlfriend.

Nathaniel Rifkin, a self-described “6’4″ passionate businessman,” launched the 3000-word website,, in hopes of finding the right woman.

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”) Nathaniel, or “Nate” as he calls himself, wants prospective partners to know that he’s currently “making regular cross-country flights to the east coast, to help drive a massive business forward” along with “a legal department that wants to rip my head off” and “the scrutiny of the FDA which (like any federal government entity) is an inept, deplorable, and useless organization.” Nate also wants women to know he’s a “major introvert,” a “bonafide greedy capitalist pig,” a college dropout, and definitely not a fan of “Dionysian divas,” “exercise atheists,” or “lackadaisical ladies.” While some have criticized Nate’s effort to find a girlfriend by lambasting him as “entitled” and “misogynistic,” it’s clear Nate’s website, however serious it may or may not be, is meant to be humorous and light-hearted.

In any event, artificial holes in the body are nose ring? Well, the word is the Japanese are near to perfecting the robotic Sex Chick.

I dunno, maybe it’s on account of me being a Gen Xer, from an era when attractive girls didn’t emulate pygmies of the jungle dark by poking holes in their flesh on purpose.

Anarcho-capitalists believe that governments monopolize services that would be better left to corporations, and should be abolished entirely in favor of a system in which corporations provide services we associate with the government.

The popular sci-fi novel Jennifer Government describes a system that is very close to anarcho-capitalist.

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