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Patrick in interviews discussed how the show was really grounded on the relationships between the characters and how the city of New York was within itself a character.

Being a millennial, of course the show offered an unrealistic fantasy into a glamorous life one could live owning all those shoes, parties, dining out, etc. Chinese people wouldn't see themselves as Marilyn Monroe glamour.

Can you blame them, I'm sure that's stressful growing up and fleeing a dictatorship. I mean can you imagine Carrie reading the Art of War over cocktails, with a shaved head? Forget about feeling glamourous, what about just feeling normal? Dressed in a baggy top and pants all in black, 6'1, with a fisherman's hat, I was drawn to the minimalism.

Being raised in Canada and achieving anything other than what they had to go through is...glamour. I can understand from my parents perspective now, they wouldn't define or recognize their own privilege. We were soaked 5 minutes in...shall we go to the nearest bar?

Arriving, it was pouring but it resembled a hot summer day. I almost wanted to write them off 12 minutes in as Tranny Chaser looking for a quicky behind the parking lot.

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Drouillard is now married to one of the sandwich gawkers, and together, they’ve launched the Vancouver-based business Perfect My Profile. A photo of you shearing a sheep or eating haggis just might spark discussion.

The generic “I like going for dinner with friends” becomes more interesting when you say, “I’m partial to spicy Thai food” or “I love hosting potlucks in my condo.” The more specific the detail, the easier it is for would-be suitors to break the ice. “Bait someone with details,” says Sam Duggal, who offers online dating advice through his Edmonton company, Promotion Dating.

“Copying profiles, even a profile you think is good, doesn’t pay off,” says Wright, 36, and a 10-year veteran of online dating. There is no reason not to be yourself.” Unless, of course, that true self is a shirtless dude taking an overexposed selfie in the bathroom mirror. While there is no magic recipe, experts in the burgeoning industry of e-dating advice say there are some basics to consider: 1. Men, stay away from bathroom selfies (and selfies in general), and ones capturing your bromance with your truck/car/chainsaw.

Women, you’re among hundreds of pretties who post photos of yourselves petting tigers, so keep those private, Wright said. And the ones of you posing with five of your besties, whether male or female?

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