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When CJ Panganiban reached the compulsory age of retirement on December 7, 2006, he was credited with eleven (11) years, one (1) month and twenty-seven (27) days or 11.15844 years of government service.

The Office of Administrative Services (OAS) did not include in the computation his 4-year service as Legal Counsel to the Dep Ed and its then Secretary, Alejandro R.

Main Index Law Library Philippine Laws, Statutes & Codes Latest Legal Updates Philippine Legal Resources Significant Philippine Legal Resources Worldwide Legal Resources Philippine Supreme Court Decisions United States Jurisprudence A. Panganiban for Re-Computation of his Creditable Service for the Purpose of Re-Computing his Retirement Benefits. R E S O L U T I O N PERLAS-BERNABE, : The Court is asked to pass upon the request of former Chief Justice Artemio V.

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One example evaluates the importance of a naturally occurring contaminant Arsenic (As) for drinking water supply, one explores issues resulting from agricultural activities on the land surface and factors that influence related groundwater management, and the last examines unique issues that result from human-introduced viral pathogens for groundwater-derived drinking water vulnerability.Groundwater is commonly found in most parts of the world, but the quality of the water may be sufficiently poor to preclude or limit its use.Contaminants that affect groundwateruse are related to human health, aquatic health, economic costs, or even societal perception.A billboard serving as a reminder of one of many massacres that occurred during the Civil War in El Salvador.The Spanish inscription to the left reads in English: "They tore out the flower, however the roots are sprouting among us." The Salvadoran Civil War was a conflict between the military-led government of El Salvador and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), a coalition or "umbrella organization" of five left-wing guerrilla groups.

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